Rocco's Health Code Violations

The Smoking Gun got a hold of the Department of Health's inspection of Rocco's, which ultimately had six violations. The Post and Daily News detail the violations as well, with the DN mocking how the "pretty-boy chef from Queens" had a "greasy spoon violation" to add to his new restaurant woes.

As Gothamist took a look at various health code violations by all restaurants in the city, these don't seem particularly damning for Rocco's, in fact, they seem typical, if not ideal. Except for that no "self-closing door on employee toilet" - that's just wrong.

In a tangential note, the Post interviews former Rocco's employee Topher, who is now back to waiting tables at East of Eighth in Chelsea. Topher says, "I would honestly love more of an opportunity to share more of myself on TV," and Gothamist thinks that possible as he seems like Carson Kressly's younger brother.

Gothamist on our experience at Rocco's, our friend who worked there and other operation problems.