We were already poised to throw in the towel on this Monday when news hit that poor weather has contributed to a hazelnut shortage, which in turn may contribute to a Nutella shortage. The only reasonable response to this news is to immediately shut down your computer, head home, and bury yourself under your sheets until tomorrow.

As we all know, the world's most addictive chocolate spread sources the majority of its hazelnuts from Turkey, which suffered from frost conditions in March that decimated the nut crop. About 70% of the nuts were affected by the weather, causing prices to spike to a 10-year high, with the chance for prices to climb higher as the shortage trickles down. Other confectionary companies like Cadbury may also feel the pinch.

This is all terrible news for Nutella, which buys 25% of the world's hazelnut supply to feed demand for its chocolate spread. Luckily, the company bought a major Turkish hazelnut supplier, which "one expert says will insulate it against the price hikes 'to an extent,'" according to Salon. Still, there are no guarantees; best to panic and stock up now.