You're cut off, says the NYC Health Department, which has just released a heavy new advertisement warning New Yorkers about the dangers of excessive drinking. And how much drinking is considered excessive by their medical standards? If you're a man, they say you're overdoing it if you consume more than two drinks a day or 14 in a one-week period. For women, the upper limits for drinking are one a day or seven over the course of a week. In other words, pretty much everyone you know in New York is a depraved booze-hound.

The new ad, seen here, is part of an ongoing "Excessive Drinking Is Dangerous" campaign launched last year with print and subway ads. This beaut is intended to remind everyone about the potentially awful consequences of drinking too much, ranging from falling onto the subway tracks to regrettable online shopping binges at

The government says that in 2009, alcohol contributed to more than 8,840 hospitalizations in NYC, an increase of 36% since 2000. Furthermore, alcohol kills an estimated 1,500 New Yorkers each year with related-injuries, poisoning, and violence accounting for 46% of all alcohol-attributable deaths in NYC in 2009. Reached for comment over by the Xbox, our stoner friend says, "And yet alcohol is legal and weed isn't!" Anyway, we apologize for being such a downer, especially around Thanksgiving, when some of us might be inclined to exceed our strict two-drink limit, but forewarned is forearmed. Alcohol is bad, don't do alcohol.