It's the 25th anniversary of When Harry Met Sally this year, and we thought we'd take a look at what Sally Albright really ordered at Katz's Deli during the movie's most famous scene. Can you remember?

In great contrast with her over-the-top orgasmic theatrics that follow, Sally ordered a simple turkey sandwich on white bread. The ordering itself is never shown in the movie, however, so how did she dress it? What exactly was she having? We contacted Katz's, and owner Jake Dell told us the sandwich came with Russian dressing and slaw, but since Sally's "picky... she wants everything separate or on the side." And when she receives the sandwich, which comes with 3/4 lbs of turkey, she immediately deconstructs it by peeling off layers.

Dell tells us if you order the turkey sandwich, it "can come with whatever you want (lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard, Russian, coleslaw) but most people eat it plain." While his uncle jokes, "If she only ordered the pastrami sandwich she wouldn't have been faking it," the turkey sandwich is still "on another level." The roast turkey is prepared "wrapped in foil, cooking in its own juices," and comes out "juicy, moist, and fresh." The sandwich is served hot, and currently costs $17.45.

So how many people come in and reenact the scene, even decades later? Dell says, "Once or twice a week, usually later at night when the crowd prefers it more, rather than a family on a Sunday morning. If it's a really good performance, if you really give your A game, we love it. We'll cheer. If you really can sell it then you deserve an ovation. If you come with some weak ass shit I'm all for booing you."

Where do you think they would have gone today—Russ & Daughters Cafe?