How closely do you pay attention to the bill at the end of a meal? The NY Post thinks you probably haven't been, because restaurants have been ripping you off of your loose change. They claim that "some" NYC restaurants have been rounding up bills to the next dollar, which is illegal, mainly because counting change slows things down...and they've shamed at least one Clinton Hill mainstay for doing so.

The Post calls out Dutch Boy Burger in Crown Heights; in August, one patron noticed her bill had a 47-cent “rounding” fee, which brought the total of her $6 meal with tax to $7. “That is my money you literally just took for absolutely no reason besides being too lazy to go to the cash register in the next room,” she wrote on Yelp.

Dutch Boy owner Matt Roff called it a computer error, while acknowledging it was a practice they had employed in the past: “We figured a loss for us or the customer of one to four pennies was understandable, but we were then made aware that the system had been rounding to the dollar,” Roff said. “We stopped that method a long time ago.”

Have you encountered this before? Would you care if a restaurant charged you up to 50 cents extra, if it meant you didn't have to end up like this guy?