001.jpg New Yorkers' love for cupcakes have made them a staple snack, sweet treat, or office birthday party surprise as the household names Sugar Sweet Sunshine, Magnolia Bakery, and Billy's Bakery spark visions of buttery sweet frosting, densely rich cake, and the playfulness of a childhood birthday party. Despite cupcakes' trendiness, last weekend when Gothamist was at a wedding, we were still surprised that in lieu of a wedding cake, the husband-and-wife to be opted for a cupcake tower!

002.jpg But, then we realized that it all makes sense. Cupcakes are pre-portioned and portable. You can offer different flavors with different frostings for all your different (and picky) guests. Mom can have red velvet with chocolate frosting while dad has vanilla with purple frosting and light green sprinkles. Uncle John can have 2 cupcakes or take a cupcake to go, and everyone can feel like a kid again. Cupcakes are also likely a more cost-effective option. While traditional wedding cakes from $4-6/slice, cupcakes hover around $1.50-2.50 apiece and are also easier to save or distribute if there are leftovers.

003.jpgSo if your wedding is fast approaching then cupcakes are a fashionable alternative to towering and tiered wedding cakes and can leave guests ooh-ing and ahh-ing with lips covered in frosting. NYC offers plenty of options to find your favorite cupcake, and while you're hunting for the perfect combination of flavors and frostings to please a wedding crowd, you might as well steal a few cupcakes for the road.