Yesterday we offered an easy guide to having a lowbrow Thanksgiving with all the 'fixins. But now a pizzeria in Midtown has gone and made that point moot. Because how can you go lowerbrow than Thanksgiving Pizza? The pie, by Pizza by Cer Te, features "turkey meatballs, mashed potatoes with giblet gravy, butternut squash, and cranberries" and according to Midtown Lunch it is actually edible?

The generally useful site writes that, "While the flavors in this did not necessarily conjure traditional Thanksgiving images in my mind, the turkey meatballs were well seasoned and I actually really enjoyed the mashed potatoes and gravy, absolutely not something I would have considered a delicious pizza topping previously."

Of course, putting Thanksgiving dishes together into one dish to rule them all is nothing new. People have been making Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches since the days of the pilgrims (right? sure!) and many such sandwiches are available in some of our city's many eateries, often year round. To that end we've always been partial to the $9 Thanksgiving on a Roll at Carve on 47th Street—but the $12.95 Thanksgiving on a Roll at Chat 'n' Chew off Union Square ain't bad either and we've heard good things about the vegan Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich at SoHo's 'sNice.

Got a favorite place for getting Thanksgiving smushed between bread? Share 'em in the comments.