The tiny space beneath the clanking of the C train on Franklin Avenue that once housed a contemporary seasonal restaurant is now home to Mediterranean seasonal restaurant called Hart's. Chef/owner Nick Perkins (Diner, Marlow & Sons) has put forward a streamlined menu of lighter dishes cemented in coastal Mediterranean philosophy, which celebrates simple flavors accented predominantly by ingredients like olive oil and lemon juice.

Vegetables dominate much of the smaller dishes, bulked up by bready accompaniments like the clam toast with pancetta ($15) and bowls of creamy ricotta cheese with chunks of fluffy focaccia for dipping. Though the menu should change frequently, a grass-fed lamb burger ($15) on a potato bun that can be topped with anchovies ($2), if desired, will anchor it indefinitely.

With not a lot of square footage to work with, diners will experience a similar setup to the space's previous restaurant life. Sturdy wooden benches have been replaced with padded seating, however, and a communal butcher block table with views into the kitchen has been added.

506 Franklin Street, 718-636-6228;