After less than nine months in business, the ambitiously-designed sustainable seafood restaurant Harbour has gone down to Davy Jones. The publicist writes, "Yes, Harbour has closed. After much success but struggles due to their location, they have decided to close their doors." The location he's referring to is the forbidding far west end of Houston Street, which many critics predicted would ultimately scuttle Harbour, despite its sometimes excellent seafood and amusing nautical design. The place reportedly cost $3 million to open!

In June, the Village Voice's Robert Sietsema wrote, "This place is doomed... In both apps and entrées, seafood often plays a subsidiary role in bright canvases of flavor, reminding us that we can also promote the sustainability of seafood by simply eating less of it. But still, good as the food is, the question lingers: In a city that craves big servings of plainly prepared seafood, isn't Harbour swimming upstream?"

Apparently so. A tipster tells Eater Harbour's filing for bankruptcy, but don't feel too bad; the owner is business magnate Richard Schaeffer (formerly of NYMEX Holdings Inc.), so we're guessing he can lose his shirt from time to time without drowning.