2005_12_oneills.jpgDo you have one of those hamburger-crazy friends who is very hard to shop for, this side of wrapping a pound of ground sirloin with a ribbon? If you do, then we highly recommend you check out O'Neill's Hamburger of the Month Club. Coming from what might be the best press release ever to include how hamburgers and beer can be gifted over a calendar year, Gothamist learned that you can get a friend a special hamburger-plus-beer pairing per month over 12 months for $100, or do a half-year of burgers and beer for $50 (a one-off beef'n'beer fest is $10). Here are some of the pairings:

February - “Red Hot Burger” topped with roasted red peppers, grilled red onion, red cheddar cheese and smoked chipotle ketchup. Served with a pint of Murphys Red Ale.

May – “Cinco de Mayo Burger” featuring Pepperjack cheese, guacamole and salsa. Paired with a pint of Dos Equis Lager.

November – “The Election Burger - Blue State or Red State” Red State – Red cheddar burger with a pint of Red Ale. Blue State – Blue cheese burger with a pint of Blue Smoke Ale.

You won't just be getting your friend a gift - you'll be giving them more reason to stock up on Lipitor.

Another food-of-the-month gift idea: Bacon of the Month.