You've come a long way, baby. Yeah, that's a deep fried Oreo from the Giglio Feast. (Photo via MissApril's Flickr)

Yesterday the Oreo cookie turned 100 years young, and although half the office was diving into Double Stufs all day, we didn't give the cookie any ink. We just assumed the cookie was from Ohio or something! But this morning we learned (via this handy PDF sent to us) that in 1912 the first Oreo rolled off the line at... the Chelsea Market in Manhattan! Which makes sense since from 1898 the building was the National Biscuit Company (Nabisco) factory complex.

Since this is a year long celebration, we're here to recommend some of the best ways to enjoy the New York native.

Gothamist's Chris Robbins
Tip #1

: Do not try the Triple Double Oreos, they are too much cookie. Be a purist and stick to the original. At the very least you'll add a few hours onto your life.

Tip #2: Sure, you can dunk your Oreo into a glass of milk repeatedly like a sucker, but what we learned in our elementary school era experimental kitchen was that the best way to mix the cookie with milk is by putting everything in the glass. First, put your Oreo stack in there, then pour the milk over it, then after a minute or so, dig your spoon in. You shouldn't try this after you lose your youthful metabolism, however.

Tip #3: Put on some metalcore and turn it up to 11, then push your Oreos to the limit! In the below video you'll see a teen make an "octuple stuffed Oreo" (though this title is subject of debate in the comments). Keep watching once the big show is over, because later in his instructional video you can also see how others have tested the limit of the snack... we're looking at you, Oreo Beard.

Tip #4: Do not try any of these recipes, they all look terrible (except... maybe the shake). Like we said in Tip #1, be a purist when it comes to indulging in Oreos.