Westchester fancy lady Amy Paul resides in a 11,000-square-foot home so lavish it was featured in a fawning profile in Westchester Magazine two years ago. It's clear from reading the article that Ms. Paul likes things just so, so you can understand why she'd be a bit miffed when she arrived at The Palm restaurant in East Hampton Saturday night to find that the insolent staff did not have her table ready. Never mind that she arrived twenty-five minutes late for her 9:30 reservation, and with four extra people—is it right that a lady of her refinement should have to stand around like an idiot waiting for her table? Certainly not, and so Ms. Paul decided to teach the help an invaluable lesson in customer relations.

According to a police report obtained by the Post, Paul "became irate and ripped pages out of the reservation book and then removed her shoes (heels) and went outside and began breaking the landscape lighting with her shoes until family/party members stopped her and removed her from the property." Staffers took down the license plate of her 2008 Mercedes, and now the East Hamton police would like to speak with her. But according to the Post, Paul wants to make it up to the restaurant in true Westchester style: by throwing money at them until they shut up.