New Yorkers probably don't really give a flying packet of birth control about Texas governor Rick Perry's opinion of our ways, but if there is one (and there may only be one) thing that Texas does better than New York, it's BBQ. So we should take some smug pride in the fact that Rick "Still Not President" Perry apparently approves of Hill Country, confirming in a tweet that his midday feast at the restaurant's Midtown outpost was "The Real Deal."

Perry is wrapping up a five-day stint in New York to try to woo businesses away from the city and into Texas, which is fine and everything but will probably work about as well as trying to convince a snake to eat lettuce. Nevertheless:

“There’s a place in this country where you can keep more of what you work for, that’s got a great climate, and I’m not talking about just the weather,” the governor told CBS. “Texas is a great place to live, to raise a family and have a business.”

Perry even made an ad, a true ode to patriotism that depicts Perry swooping in and saving New Yorkers from high taxes and tiny little sodas, set to music that I feel quite certain was ripped straight from The Mighty Ducks.

Then again, what other state would tolerate real live political discourse about masturbating fetuses? Maybe that will make it into the next ad.