Yesterday the Times blew the lid off a cuh-razy deal in which cops were getting half-off everything they ordered from Chipotle—or did they? Because, as a tipster points out, just a few years ago the Post wrote about how cops were getting a much better deal from the fast casual joint. Free burritos, anyone?

Back in 2005 the tabloid served up a sweet story on the deal that is no longer online—but is saved for posterity here. Basically from the time the first Chipotle landed in the city in 2003 until May 2005, cops were getting free whatever at the restaurant—and were apparently very happy to take what was offered. The best part? When the chain stopped the offer they told cops by handing out cards that read "BUSTED" on the front. And on the back

The cards stated, "Until now you guys have enjoyed Chipotle free of charge." They added that, "for the sake of fairness," the officers would now be asked to pay half-price.

The chain at the time said they changed their policy because of customer complaints about the deal being unfair. At the time it also pled ignorance to the fact that NYPD officers weren't allowed to accept gifts. But whatever NYPD spokesman Paul Browne says now about the issue ("When Internal Affairs documents as much, the vendor is notified that if the practice is not discontinued, the location will be included among those that police officers are barred from frequenting.") the NYPD was definitely made aware of the deal seven years ago. Not that it seemed to have done anything to stop it—or from cops frequenting the chain!