Brooklyn hipsters wore black the day that über-mod coffeehouse-cum-record shop-cum-bar-cum-antique ephemera peddler Halcyon closed its doors on Smith Street. This Friday, however, Kings County hipsters can finally throw off their black garb and, well, don more black garb - this time in celebration of Halcyon's rebirth.

2004_09_food_halcyon.jpgRising like a Phoenix from the ashes, Halycon has relocated to DUMBO, where it will continue to feature an eclectic selection of vinyl, retro furniture and collectibles. (Be assured that Gothamist actually owned that Donny & Marie lunchbox once upon a time, in a land far, far away, called elementary school.)

And, as always, it'll still serve as a haven for the artsy and hip, offering vittles, vino and brew, as well as DJ-helmed turntables. Speaking of DJ-helmed turntables, the Halcyon gang promises a particularly riveting "Grand Opening" jam session called Outside-In, featuring a tag-team by house DJs Alexi Delano and Darshan Jesrani, as well as live performances by Levon Vincent and Jessica Elle. Show up between 6 - 10pm this Friday to get your groove on - and, of course, wear black.

57 Pearl Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
718.260.WAXY (9299)
Subway: F to York Street