Hackers have stolen the credit card information of several Eataly patrons, and the restaurant has issued a statement warning that anyone who used their card at the establishment between January 16th and April 2nd may have had their information compromised.

From Eataly management:

As many other retailers, our New York retail location has unfortunately been victim of a security incident. Based upon an extensive forensic investigation, it appears that criminals unscrupulously hacked our network system and installed a malware designed to capture payment card transaction data. We believe that the malware may have compromised the payment card transaction data of customers who made payment card purchases at the Eataly NYC Retail Marketplace, located at 200 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10010, between January 16, 2015 and April 2, 2015.

Earning our customers’ trust is our highest priority, and we deeply regret that this incident occurred. We have been working non-stop in an effort to ensure the security of our point-of-sale environment and to protect our guests’ personal information from potential misuse. The malware has been rendered inoperable and additional security measures have been put in place to further secure the impacted point-of-sale and network systems. As of now, the incident has been contained and customers can safely use their payment cards throughout our stores, including at the Eataly NYC Retail Marketplace.

The restaurant points potential victims to its Incident FAQs page, and has also advises anyone who has spent money at the store to review their credit card history.