Oh, Gwynnie. When will you put a disclaimer on the bottom of GOOP so people won't get confused and think your advice is actually practical? The latest list of ridiculous tips from Paltrow on her "lifestyle" "blog" "thing" are here just in time for New Year's Eve—GOOP has some hangover advice for you, but real live doctors are calling BS on Gwyneth's tips.

Paltrow "discloses" that she loves "health elixer" Mercy so so much she "went ahead and invested in the company," but Dr. Michael Lucchesi, chief medical staff at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, says the fancy juice is no better than Gatorade, which is conveniently available at every bodega in the city. Paltrow, who, in the name of GOOP, got drunk over and over again to try all of these ah-may-zing morning-after techniques, also finds that "the best hangover remedy can be a hot and cold spa treatment." But Lucchesi "found her suggestion of dragging one’s hung-over carcass into a hot steam room even more baffling," since alcohol is a diuretic and a steam room would only cause your body to lose more water and salt.

Perhaps Paltrow should have reviewed our extremely scientific evaluation of three newfangled hangover cures—we hear Blowfish is simply fantastic with quinoa.