Because she tells us she does, we do believe that Gwyneth Paltrow eats. And because she has published a cookbook and gone on a televised trip around Spain with Mario Batali, we also believe she has something akin to an interest in cooking. So, sure, why shouldn't Gwyneth star as Prune chef Gabrielle Hamilton in an adaptation of the toque's 2011 tome Blood, Bones & Butter. We probably wouldn't have a problem with going for the role even if she didn't like to eat, cook or even look at food for fear of getting fat (cleanses are so much more filling).

According to The Hollywood Reporter the mother of Moses is negotiations to star in a big screen adaptation of Hamilton's memoir of her interesting route to success.

Honestly, the only real problem we could foresee with this idea? The lines for brunch at Hamilton's First Street restaurant Prune are already insane and this would only make them worse. Though on the plus side, maybe that'll bring more people into the massive, and tasty, brunch at JoeDoe across the street.