Is it pure coincidence that this year's Starbucks holiday cup features a Nutcracker bearing an uncanny resemblance to the iconic Guy Fawkes mask? Or is this is some radical graphic designer's way of sticking it to the Man. Of course, it could also be Starbucks' way of commodifying some of that Occupy Wall Street magic. Because what could be more punk than drinking coffee from a chain restaurant in a disposable cup referencing a 17th century religious nut!

Supporting the Guy Fawkes cup theory is a recent statement made by none other than Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. "We've lost something," Schultz said. "We've either lost our conscience, or lost our soul... People want human connection... I thought there would be social unrest in America. I mean violence." Sounds like somebody's been getting into V for Vendetta.

The revolution will have to wait another week, however, before the cups make their official debut. A Starbucks spokesperson tells Eater, "The official launch of Starbucks Holiday in the US is November 15 (not November 3)— though customers may begin seeing red cups in stores prior to the official launch day." Somebody better tell the cup fanatics behind the website "Countdown To Red Cups." Yes, some people are so excited about the cups' debut that they created a website eading up to the big day. We would sure hate to see the look on these Cupheads' faces when they find out it's a matter of days—not hours—before their beloved cups appear. (But maybe someone could videotape it?)