We know they changed their name to Ess-A-Pickle when they moved to Borough Park about six months ago, but they'll always be Guss' Pickles in our hearts. And their iconic awning bearing the old name on 87 Orchard Street will soon be getting the boot. According to Bowery Boogie, they'll be replaced by a specialty cigar shop. Maraya Cigars explains on their website:

Maraya promotes the enjoyment of cigar smoking as an acceptable pleasure, rather than accepting being dogged in a downward spiral by negative social stigma. We want to enjoy cigars when and where we please, at appropriate times and in appropriate places without being forced into smoking rooms.

Smoking rooms? Try outside, down the street, and soon enough not in parks or on beaches. BB also reports that numerous people stopped by the storefront to ask where Guss' went. The bigger question is if they'll make the schlep out to the Ditmas Avenue F stop for the same pickles.