Unsurprisingly, a lot of bars opened this year—some of them were even very good! Also not surprising: many of these new bars opened in Williamsburg, according to data regarding new licenses by the State Liquor Authority.

The neighborhood's 11211 zip code saw the debut of 22 new drinking establishments, which was matched by Chelsea, also with 22 new licenses in the 10011 zip code. This is the second year Williamsburg's been on top of the list, according to DNAInfo, but the number of licenses in Chelsea has doubled since 2015.

The state's been issuing licenses since 1933, with Manhattan's private Harmonie Club holding the oldest liquor license in NYC.

That Williamsburg is experiencing such a bar boom won't surprise anyone who's stumbled down Bedford Avenue recently. Despite shaking off the knit poncho of bohemia, the neighborhood's still a huge draw—the volume of French-speaking people loitering on my block seems to increase daily. For restaurant and bar operators looking to get butts in seats, there are few better neighborhoods to do so—for now.