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Chicken wings, the second best part of that essential bird, go beyond fall and football watching– we eat them all year long, and as many as possible, whether Buffalo, Asian, barbecue, jerk, "cheffy," or just straight-up fried. It's by far the best reason to get your hands messy, in our opinion. Plus they work equally well as a snack, as a side dish or starter, or heck, give us a large enough platter and that's all we need for a meal!

And if you do need a special excuse to order a whole stack of wings delivered to your home via Grubhub, just for yourself or for a whole crew, note that March Madness begins this week, which means there are hundreds of hours of exciting college basketball coming up. Why watch your bracket get busted without wings? It's a lot less painful if you're eating a pile of these bird bits from the following variety of local favorites, all available on Grubhub.

The Kettle Black in Bay Ridge and on Staten Island

Bay Ridge has more than its share of hopping neighborhood bars that celebrate sports- watching (Staten Island, too), but it's The Kettle Black on Third Avenue in Brooklyn that really nails the form. Go on any night of the week and the spacious, memorabilia-covered place will be festive with regulars sipping beers, shouting at screens, and tucking into platters of these exceptional chicken wings. Or do all that sipping, shouting, and tucking in from the comfort of your home, with delivery via Grubhub! The wings here come sauced, glazed, or rubbed about a dozen different ways, but the basics seem like the best way to go, whether that means their excellent take on the classic Buffalo, or generously coated in a zippy blend they call "the original 87th Street dry rub."

The Kettle Black has locations in Bay Ridge and on Staten Island - Order Now

Blondie's on the Upper West Side

It feels like this Upper West Side sports bar has been around forever, but even after all these years Blondie's signature Buffalo Wings consistently arrive at your table cooked to crisp perfection. An alternative idea to wading into the mayhem (and a good strategy for skipping the headache in the morning): watch the game at home, and order a 20-pack of wings via Grubhub. Note, though, that anything above "Hot" on the spiciness scale is to be devoured with caution.

Blondies is located at 212 West 79th Street -- Order Now

Fuku in Hudson Yards and Rockefeller Center

It's been a little start-and-stop-and-start for David Chang's great fried chicken mini-chain--a couple of locations closed for good when the pandemic hit--but the Hudson Yards and the Rockefeller Center outposts are still going strong and, really, Fuku still slings some of the best bird in town. Get a Sando or two (when the first Fuku launched in the East Village seven years ago, the Spicy Fried Sando was basically the only thing on the menu), and either, or both, of the wings six-packs, Sweet and Spicy, or Gochu and Garlic.

Fuku has locations in Hudson Yards and Rockefeller Center -- Order Now

Dan and John's in the East Village, Murray Hill, and Downtown Brooklyn

The Smorgasburg mainstay Dan and John's found a fixed home in the East Village back in 2015, and has since opened spots on Third Avenue in Murray Hill, and downstairs at the Dekalb Market on Albee Square, but whether you get these Buffalo-style beauties from a tent, a food hall, or a storefront, you can expect crunchy, juicy delights, sauced up as fiery as your desires can handle. Bonus: as at most great wing spots, the celery sticks are fresh and bright, and actually add an extra bit of pleasure to your meal. First-rate Fried Pickle Chips and Tater Tots too.

Dan and John's has locations in the East Village, Murray Hill, and Downtown Brooklyn -- Order Now

Chick Chick on the Upper West Side

One of the city's best new pandemic-era restaurants opened on the Upper West Side last spring, chef and owner Jun Park's Chick Chick, a glorious celebration of his two favorite foods, fried chicken and ramen. There are three different kinds of the former here: Park's signature KSG, or Korean Sweet Gochujang; his take on Nashville Hot Chicken, which he drizzles with white sauce; and Crispy Chicken, which arrives extra-crackling on the outside and somehow still juicy within. You can get these in sandwiches, as boneless tenders, as a whole or half bird, or, relevant to the current discussion, as a pile of excellent wings. The Kimchi Fried Rice with chicken sausage crumbles makes for a terrific side dish too.

Chick Chick is located at 618 Amsterdam Avenue -- Order Now

International Wings Factory on the Upper East Side

For about a decade now chef Deepak Ballaney's International Wings Factory has been sending out top-notch wings from his tiny First Avenue shop, starring an impressive array of housemade dry rubs and sauces, from Classic Barbecue to Vietnamese Chili Gold to Lemon Cajun to Tandoori Masala. We've tried just about every variety over the years, and our current favorite is probably Ballaney's zesty Black Pepper Teriyaki, but if you have a bunch of people over it's fun to get multiple flavors delivered via Grubhub and try them all.

International Wings Factory is located at 1762 First Avenue -- Order Now

Fish Cheeks in Noho

The Bond Street Thai food hotspot Fish Cheeks is known mostly for its seafood--the fiery Coconut Crab Curry is legendary, and the Grilled Branzino wrapped in a banana leaf has become something of a fan favorite--but chefs/owners/brothers Ohm and Chat Suansilphong definitely know how to cook up chicken wings as well. Called Zabb Wings when you're dining in and simply Wings To Go when you're ordering delivery through Grubhub, these crispy, three-section lovelies are lively with chili, cool with lime and mint, and all-around delicious.

Fish Cheeks is located at 55 Bond Street -- Order Now

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