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Is there any New York City institution so versatile as the ubiquitous deli? Ask any New Yorker, and they’ll be quick to describe their favorite local bodega (and the guy behind the deli counter) in great detail. Depending on who you ask, though, the definition of a deli may vary — is it a lunch counter? A corner store? Perhaps it’s a small grocery store which also features a juice bar? There’s no doubt deli’s are the most versatile dining establishments in the city. No matter how you define them, one thing is certain: any version of a deli is sure to have delicious snacks, and solid sandwiches.

There’s no topping those classic deli offerings — chopped cheeses and egg sandwiches are unbeatable — but today, many deli’s have expanded their offerings to cater to evolving tastes. While classic deli fare is available in most bodega’s, in some neighborhood bodega offerings have grown to include vegetarian, vegan, and artisanal offerings. Whether it’s your favorite hangover cure chopped cheese, or a housemade ricotta and pepita sandwich, ordering your deli favorites on GrubHub is the easiest way to satisfy your cravings at any hour.

In fact, deli’s and bodega’s are a key part of the city’s gastronomical ecosystem. They’re an easy way to grab a quick snack, stock up for later, or satisfy your cravings. Deli delivery via Grubhub is a great way to grab these delicious snacks ASAP. We’re rounding up a few special deli’s from Brooklyn to Manhattan to reveal some of the best sandwiches, smoothies, and vegan heroes in the city. Find these deli’s on Grubhub, and watch your bodega favorites appear at your door before you know it!


Bagelsmith is a deli disguised as a neighborhood bagel spot. Located on the bustling corner of Metropolitan and Lorimer, just steps away from the Lorimer stop of the L train, Bagelsmith serves up breakfast favorites and specialty sandwiches. You can also find the requisite candy, beverages, and sandwich meats you might expect, but where they really shine, as you might expect, is in their bagels. Fresh bagels from Everything to Cinnamon Raisin are the stars at Bagelsmith.

A classic egg and cheddar sandwich on a toasted Everything bagel from Bagelsmith is the perfect early morning hangover cure or late night snack. Deeply savory, and ultimately satisfying, these sandwiches are a quick way to satisfy your cravings. A breakfast sandwich and a hot coffee delivered from Bagelsmith on Grubhub nearly guarantees a good day ahead.

Bagelsmith is located at 566 Lorimer Street — Order Now


Does it count as a deli if it has a french name? Dépanneur roughly translates to ‘convenience store’ in Quebecois, so we say yes! And Dépanneur has all the features one might expect of a french convenience store: plant based IPA’s, pillowy soft croissants, tiny espresso’s that are breathtakingly expensive — the list goes on, but what’s not to love?

In addition to pastries sourced from Balthazar, Dépanneur also features pantry essentials, specialty spreads, and kitchen gadgets (in case you’re on the hunt for a $250 sparkling watermaker, which we coincidentally were). Déppaneur has a wide offering of upscale sandwiches, but the prosciutto and Narragansett creamery mozzarella sandwich finished with fig jam is the salty, sweet favorite on the menu.

Dépanneur is located at 242 Wythe Ave — Order Now

Campbell & Co.

Campbell & Co., located in Williamsburg, is more than a simple deli. In addition to house made specialty sandwiches, Campbell also offers pastries, locally sourced produce, small batch beers, and a wide selection of local and artisanal cheeses and meats. Campbell is a great place to go if you’re looking to build a charcuterie, or even find a unique gift. With an array of spreads, roasted nuts, and local vegetables, Campbell sets itself apart from other deli’s.

As with many deli’s, Campbell can be judged by the quality of its sandwiches. The pulled pork sandwich is a local favorite, and it does not disappoint. The pork is rich and complex, watermelon radishes and coleslaw and satisfying crunch, and each bite is rounded off by a hint of spice.

Campbell’s impressive cheese selection is another highlight. From soft, bloomy bries, to sharp firm cheddars, Campbell’s selection is extensive. For lactose lackeys who may not know what they’re looking for, Campbell’s expert cheesemongers are there to help with selecting a nice variety.

Campbell & Co. is located at 502 Lorimer St. — Order Now

Katz’s Deli

What deli roundup would be complete without mentioning Katz’s Deli, on Houston street at the tip of the lower east side? Katz’s is what you might call the platonic ideal of a deli — it’s unfussy, deli classics have beens served on the same block for over a century. The service at Katz’s may be a little gruff, but the sandwiches speak for themselves.

Katz’s serves up the expected deli classics, but the real focus is on Jewish food. The pastrami on rye is famous (for a reason), and the matzo ball soup and knishes are as authentic as they come. Swing by Katz’s for a quick brisket sandwich, or grab some speedy delivery to enjoy these mile-high sandwiches.

Kat’z Deli is located at 205 E Houston St. — Order Now

Hamptons Market Place

We couldn’t complete this list without mentioning a classic neighborhood bodega. Humble? Perhaps, but corner stores are a huge part of what makes this city great. No matter the hour, local spots like Hamptons Market Place ensure that snacks, and delivery options on Grubhub are available.

Hamptons Market Place is one of those special neighborhood deli’s that has everything that makes a New York City corner store great. There are groceries and essentials, but Hamptons Market Place also features a wide variety of snacks and a surprisingly broad selection of beers. Nothing is better, though, than the classic egg and cheese on a spinach wrap — delicious and (relatively) nutritious.

Order a quick sandwich from your local bodega at any hour for a speedy, satisfying snack.

The Natural Green Market is located at 162 3rd Ave — Order Now