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It's hard to have stuff on hand for breakfast each day, and sometimes your best intentions are foiled--or new plans need to be made in a hurry--by whatever went down the night before. No worries though! With Grubhub's handy delivery system, you can quickly shift gears no matter life throws at you, whether breakfast that day means wolfing down something as you launch into work-from-home mode, or if you desire/require a more leisurely meal in bed than you planned, either solo or with a companion.

We've already covered a bunch of great delivery options if you're in the mood for something eggy, or bagel-y, but here's a look at the other, equally delicious, side of the breakfast coin, the sweet morning feast, a category dominated by doughnuts and fruity pancakes and waffles, pass the maple syrup please. And remember: group brunch-time gatherings are always more fun when you pop open a box of a dozen doughnuts, especially if all you have to do is order delivery via Grubhub to get them to the party.

The Doughnut Project in Greenwich Village

Tucked away on Morton Street, Leslie Polizzotto's charming little shop has been making some of New York City's best doughnuts for about seven years now, thanks in no small part to the incredible creativity of pastry chefs Jessica Bone and Vanessa Lynah. Everything is excellent here, from the juicy Maple Cruller to the vegan Strawberry Glazed (there are plenty of vegan and gluten free options on the menu) to slightly crazier concoctions like their signature Everything Doughnut and Bacon Maple Bars. They all look so pretty, too! Perfect for a pajama party.

The Doughnut Project is located at 10 Morton Street -- Order Now

Flipper's in Soho

When the popular Japanese chain Flipper's first opened here in the fall of 2019 on West Broadway, people waited on line for literally hours to eat a plate of soufflé pancakes. The frenzy has died down a bit since then--the pandemic certainly played a part in that--but it's still a solid plan to skip the table wait and get Flipper's first-rate non-souffle pancakes delivered to your home via Grubhub. The fruity French Toast is excellent here as well.

Flipper's is located at 337 West Broadway -- Order Now

Doughnut Plant in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens

Nearly thirty years after he first started delivering his freshly fried creations by bicycle to restaurants around the Lower Side, Mark Israel's Doughnut Plant has become something of an NYC institution, with shops scattered around three boroughs and a well-deserved reputation for bringing innovative flavors and techniques to the once-workaday pastry. The fluffy yeast doughnuts are great here, and the dense cake doughnuts are also great, and the vegan "sourdougnuts" are, you guessed it, also great. Basically, it's winners all around, so order in a dozen for delivery via Grubhub and you're guaranteed a great start to the day.

Doughnut Plant has locations on the Lower East Side and in Downtown Brooklyn, Williamsburg, and Long Island City -- Order Now

Comfortland in Astoria

The pandemic forced Donnie D'Alessio and his sister Montana D'Alessio Barbier (aka @donutdiva) to close their beloved brunch spot Queens Comfort in the fall of 2020, but the family's slightly unexpected (and definitely crazy delicious) creations live on at the nearby Comfortland, where among other delights you can eat all the donuts of your dreams. The list of sweet breakfast treats are constantly changing, but sure-fire hits include the Rainbow Cookie Crumb Cake, the Cinnamon French Toast Crunch Balls, and the oozing Cannoli Donuts. Stream your favorite mix of R&B classics while you eat at home for the full Comfortland effect.

Comfortland is located at 40-09 30th Avenue -- Order Now

Lunna's Cafe in Bushwick

Yashary Rodriguez named this cute, vegan-friendly Bushwick cafe after her now-almost-three-year-old daughter, who can often be found here reading books or "helping" her mom run things. The brunchy all-day menu is loaded with simple, healthy pleasures like the vegan Power Waffle, which is made from oat, chia seed, flaxseed, and soy milk, but doesn't taste anywhere near as austere as that may sound, especially with all those berries (and cashews! and powdered sugar!) on top, as well as a drenching of maple syrup. Other winners on the sweet side of things include Nutella Pancakes and Strawberry Stuffed French Toast, and delivery via Grubhub means you barely have to get out of bed to enjoy it all.

Lunna's Cafe is located at 157 Central Avenue -- Order Now

Pierozek in Greenpoint

One of New York's City's best pierogi spots may not seem like the most obvious place to get a terrific sweet breakfast, but Pierozek on Manhattan Avenue, right near the Greenpoint-Williamsburg border, not only makes a mean meat-filled dumpling (not to mention a superb bowl of borscht), they also serve several different kinds of sweet pierogis, and all them are terrific. Mix and match among the blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, and sweet cheese options, drizzled with butter and served with a side of a sweet cream for dipping, for a refreshingly different take on a classic fruity breakfast.

Pierozek is located at 592 Manhattan Avenue -- Order Now

The Donut Pub in Chelsea and Greenwich Village

The backstory to this old-school donut counter on 14th Street is pretty wild: in a fit of desperation, Buzzy Geduld opened the place in 1964 after being fired from a low-level Wall Street job, realized he actually loved the business, and has continued making pastry even after returning to the financial world and, in 2000, selling the trading firm he started for almost a billion dollars. Anyway, Donut Pub sells a huge assortment of good-looking goodies at both the original location and the newer spot near Astor Place, including all the expected classics, several "croissant donuts," lots of vegan varieties, as well as fritters, crullers, cinnamon buns, and other breakfast treats.

Donut Pub is located at 203 West 14th Street and at 740 Broadway -- Order Now

Rockaway Beach Bakery at Rockaway Park

Finally, with summer approaching (please?), let's give a shout to one of the city's great pastry and breakfast-sandwich shops, Tracy Oblosky's unimprovable Rockaway Beach Bakery, open for some six years now and still killing it with deep pleasures like Salted Honey Buns, Chocolate Croissants, Strawberry Almond Financiers, Vegan Carrot Muffins, and Grandma Helen's Coffee Cake. Perfect for getting that sweet-breakfast burst of energy before hitting the waves.

Rockaway Beach Bakery is located at 87-10 Rockaway Beach Boulevard --Order Now

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