Is there anything better than a heaping plate of spicy dumplings? Or a mountain of warm and crispy samosas? What about a hearty plate of hummus, baba ghanouj, and falafel? Few things come close to the enjoyment we receive when eating our favorite foods but if there’s one way to improve upon perfection, it’s having the ability to share it with loved ones.

Whether it’s a holiday gathering, a birthday party, or an all-out Superbowl blow-out, some foods were just made to be passed around and eaten together. To sweeten the (shared) pot further, you can order through Grubhub to your favorites delivered to your door without missing a single memorable moment. 

So, call a few friends and get to ordering. It’s time to eat.

Mr. Bao

Lucky for us, dumplings will never go out of style and at Williamsburg hotspot, Mr. Bao (which also has a location in Park Slope), you can find plenty of these perfect little pouches served up steamed or fried. Can’t choose between vegetable, shrimp, pork and mushroom, or pan fried pork and chive dumplings? Then go with the chef’s mixed dumplings to get a little bit of everything. As the restaurant’s name implies, this is also the place for bao (“buns” in Mandarin), which are available stuffed with short rib, roasted duck, pork belly, Taiwanese fried chicken, and vegan wood ear mushroom.

Another made-to-share menu item is the soup dumpling combo, which includes a mix of pork, blue crab with pork, black truffle and pork, and spicy pork. Love pork? Clearly, you’ve found your new favorite restaurant. And if all that weren’t enough, we haven’t even gotten to the “extra crispy snacks” part of the menu – need we say more? Mr. Bao is definitely the place for all things snacky but if your crew also wants to balance out the order with so-called “main” dishes, you’ll also find rice bowls, noodles, and wraps.

Mr. Bao is located at 208 Bedford Ave – Order Now

Bati Ethiopian

Ethiopian food was just made to be shared. Why do you think so many restaurants serve combo platters intended for two, three, or more people? Clinton Hill’s endearing Ethiopian eatery, Bati, gives the masses exactly what they want, with heaps of expertly seasoned vegetables and rich and flavorful meats. Though Bati makes a mean meat combination platter, even the most devoted omnivore would be satisfied with the hearty vegetarian combination platter. The latter comes with a choice of four of the restaurant’s seven vegan entrees (split lentils, green cabbage, split peas, collard greens, beets with potatoes, and chickpeas two ways), served on top of slightly crispy, crepe-like injera bread. 

If you like the idea of sharing a combo platter but you already know that you’ll want more of your favorites, go ahead and order some extra portions of whatever’s calling your name. For us, it’s the spicy stewed lentil missir wett and the garlicky ginger cabbage, tikil gomen. And if you’re looking for something to wash it all down (and we know you are!), Bati also offers a selection of Ethiopian beers and Ethiopian honey wine.

Bati Ethiopian is located at 747 Fulton Street – Order Now

Taj Kabab King

Have you ever not been in the mood for Indian food? That’s what we thought. With a smorgasbord menu for indulgence, Taj Kabab King in East Williamsburg is prepared to bring you a fabulous feast to share with friends. and is sure to have something for everyone in your group. Now, if you and your friends are just going to order one dish (which would never actually happen so why are we even using this as a hypothetical?), go with the classic chicken tikka masala. Boneless cubes of chicken are simmered in a mild tandoori sauce which can then be paired with plain white rice, Indian saffron basmati, or brown rice . 

Do yourself a favor and order a boatload of buttery naan that’s been baked in a clay oven, a handful of fried and fluffy poori bread, and several orders of samosas, which come with vegetable, chicken, lamb, or coconut filling. These crispy little pockets of perfection are absolutely addictive, especially when paired with chatni, the assortment of onion relish, tamarind, and hot mint sauces that accompany the samosas. If you find you love the food so much that you want to order another round, you’re in luck, as Taj Kabab King delivers until midnight with Grubhub.

Taj Kabab King is located at 565 Grand St – Order Now

Bedouin Tent

For the past 33 years, Bedouin Tent has been downtown Brooklyn’s go-to spot for all things Middle Eastern. The restaurant is known for good food, great service, and the generous hospitality associated with the Jordanian Bedouin nomads that inspired the restaurant’s name. While you’ll certainly find excellent entrees on the main portion of the menu (the marinated chicken plate and the roast leg of lamb plate are two good options), the appetizers and salads are where this place really shines.

And before you brush off salad as a boring, flavorless filler that is best stuffed into a sandwich, understand that Middle Eastern and Arab cuisines redefine the notion of salad, expanding from simple lettuce salads  to include complex lentil and bulgur wheat salad, beets with vinaigrette, diced feta with fresh herbs, and labna, a thick Middle Eastern yogurt topped with fresh mint and crushed walnuts. No Bedouin Tent meal would be complete without hearty helpings of hummus, baba ghanouj, stuffed grape leaves, and freshly-fried falafel so throw in a few orders of those to eat with your warm pita or zaatar bread. And if you’re looking to satisfy a crowd, go with the catered assorted salad, which comes with five different salads, plus olives, pickles, and pita.

Bedouin Tent is located at 405 Atlantic Ave – Order Now

Emmy Squared

There’s no denying that New York City is a pizza city. We are fiercely proud of our pizza legacy and the battle of the pies will live on forever, as newcomers battle old-timers for the title of best slice. Though the city is – and should be – proud of the perfectly foldable thin crust creations it’s known for, sometimes we like to switch things up.That’s where Emmy Squared comes in. At the pizzeria’s original location in Williamsburg (they now have several locations and plan to open another in Park Slope), it’s all about Detroit-style pizza. Pies come square with fluffy dough, crispy bottoms, and a signature cheesy “frico” crust. 

Though you’ll find some traditional toppings and classic pies on the menu, the real standouts are the MVP pizza, which is slathered in a house-made vodka sauce, red sauce, and garlic parsley pesto and the Colony pizza, which comes topped with three ingredients you had no idea would blend so well together: pepperoni, pickled jalapeños, and honey. For even more shareable goodness, throw in a few orders of the blue cheese-topped Brussels sprouts salad and cheesy garlic sticks. Oh, and even though this isn’t New York City-style pizza, we’ll still judge you for using a fork, so prepare to get satisfyingly sticky.

Emmy Squared is located at 364 Grand St – Order Now

Next time you’re looking to feed friends, please a pack, or cater a crowd, order some of these hyper-shareable dishes and have them delivered straight to your door with Grubhub. Sharing is caring, and Grubhub is here to help.