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It always seems a little weird to us that, for many people, eating pie has become something of a special occasion treat, reserved for big holidays like Thanksgiving or random holidays like Pi Day or maybe if you're on vacation at some cute little diner or whatever. Because really, everyone should eat more pie, more often.

Pie is unbeatable! There are so many varieties, it's delicious served warm or cold, you can eat it for breakfast if you want (you're an adult, literally no one can stop you),and it goes great with a cup of coffee.

Thankfully, for those of us who are terrible bakers, New York City has a bunch of excellent pie shops from which you can easily order multiple whole pies for a big gathering or a couple of slices for an intimate evening at home, all available for handy delivery via Grubhub.

Partybus Bakeshop on the Lower East Side

Jacqueline Eng opened Partybus on a rowdy stretch of Essex Street in the fall of 2019, and her terrific breads and pastries, as well as her community outreach and activism, have secured the bakeshop a loyal following throughout the pandemic. The cookies and croissants are always top-notch, but today we're here for pie, and no matter what's on the ever-changing menu, whether Coconut Key Lime, Peanut Butter Pudding, Blueberry Crumble, or the rare Shoofly Pie, you can order with confidence. These Partybus people know what they're doing.

Partybus Bakeshop is located 31 Essex Street -- Order Now

Petee's on the Lower East Side and in Clinton Hill

For six years now pastry magician Petra Paradez, aka Petee, has been serving possibly the absolute best pie in the city, first at her no-frills storefront on Delancey, then adding a spacious cafe in Clinton Hill to her portfolio, complete with a lovely little garden out back. Everything is incredible at both Petee's Pies, but over the years our favorites have included her Black Bottom Almond Chess, her Brown Butter Honey Pecan, and, when we're feeling tart and fruity, her NY Sour Cherry pie.

Petee's is located at 61 Delancey Street and 505 Myrtle Avenue -- Order Now

Pies 'n Thighs in Williamsburg

Hard to believe it's been 16 years since Sarah Sanneh and Carolyn Bane first set up shop in a beer storage closet under the Williamsburg Bridge, so many good times, great fried chicken dinners, and fantastic slices of pie ago. But what's really remarkable is how consistently satisfying Pies 'n Thighs remains, the ramshackle digs on South 4th are home to not only some of the city's best fried chicken, biscuits, and sides (and don't sleep on that Hippie Banjo egg sandwich!), but also, of course, to the headliner here, Sanneh and Bane's fabulous pies. There's usually at least four on the menu waiting to be delivered and devoured in your home, all equally rad as hell, though admit we'll always have a soft spot for their famous Banana Cream. Never change, Pies 'n' Thighs.

Pies 'n Thighs is located at 166 South 4th Street -- Order Now

Four and Twenty Blackbirds in Prospect Heights and Gowanus

Since 2009, pie masters Melissa Elsen and Emily Elsen have been baking up their incredible (and incredibly rich) creations at the original Four and Twenty Blackbirds in Gowanus, adding a counter-service spot, with wine and beer, in Prospect Heights a few years ago. Maybe this is the absolute pie in the city? Their Salty Honey slice is a legitimate NYC classic, the neon-green Matcha Custard has become our go-to for wowing guests, and the Bittersweet Chocolate Pecan is our favorite breakfast pie ever, eaten refrigerator cold. And when you order delivery via Grubhub you can get a "baker's choice" party box of four or seven slices, so it's like buying a little surprise present for yourself and whoever you're willing to share with.

Four and Twenty is located at 439 Third Avenue and 634 Dean Street -- Order Now

Bubby's in Tribeca

Ron Silver didn't really plan on running the most popular brunch spot in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the city. Back in 1990, when Bubby's first opened as a rogue pop-up on the still semi-desolate corner of Hudson and North Moore streets, Silver just wanted to bake a bunch of pie. But Silver's pies were delicious, as was most everything else he's added to the menu of American classics over the past 32 years, and all the while Tribeca evolved from a mostly ignored artist's enclave to envied zip code. So here we are, still eating Silver's pies, possibly in our luxury loft, thanks to Grubhub delivery. Pick hits include the true dessert-person's dessert, the S'mores Pie, the tangy Key Lime, and the Cherry, which totally nails the classic.

Bubby's is located at 120 Hudson Street -- Order Now

Abu's Bakery in Bed-Stuy

This no-frills, family-owned Bed-Stuy shop is apparently the only place in New York City that still bakes up Navy Bean Pie, a dessert steeped in the history of Muslims in America, created in the 1930s by the Nation of Islam. Historical importance aside, these lovely little things taste terrific, with a filling that combines rich custard with a sweet, cinnamony crumble. And the Coconut Custard and Pecan pies at Abu's Bakery are just as good. Everything comes in three sizes, if you want to share, or just have a solo pie party in your home tonight, with delivery via Grubhub.

Abu's Bakery is located at 1184 Fulton Street -- Order Now

Pie Corps in Greenpoint

This cute little cafe in Greenpoint is mostly made up of kitchen, but McGolrick Park across the street or the benches on the "front porch" make for perfectly pleasant places to snack on a slice of Cheryl Perry and Felipa Lopez's creations, perhaps with a cup of coffee. Even better during these still chilly late-winter/early-spring days? Get your slices, or whole pies, delivered right to your cozy home via Grubhub. Pie Corps is solid up and down the menu--the savory hand pies, filled with things like Feta and Spinach, or classic Chicken Pot Pie fixings, are quite good too--but my usual is whatever beauty they have in the chocolate/pecan family. That Lemon Lavender one too.

Pie Corps is located at 77 Driggs Avenue -- Order Now

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