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Grubhub is celebrating amazing restaurants that, whether they’re a few blocks from your place or a bike ride away, are NYC favorites that we think you’ll love too.

In New York City, the pizza place is sacred ground--venerated, visited religiously, fought over with ferocity--whether you're talking about the local slice joint, the casual family restaurant, the destination-worthy party spot, or some combination thereof. And while it's certainly true, as the old adage goes, the best pizza is the one closest to you, we all have our favorites, usually spread out all over town, and love telling everyone why we're so definitely correct in our opinions.

To that end: a list. Here are ten great spots in a variety of neighborhoods, including a few less-perennially-hyped places. So no matter where you find yourself tonight, eating pizza in the comfort of your or anyone else's home is always easily within reach. Just order your slices of cheesy, saucy heaven via Grubhub, and let the pizza party come to you.

Upside Pizza in Nolita, Hell's Kitchen, and Midtown East

Noam Grossman's Upside Pizza makes some of the absolute best pies in town, whether of the fat, chewy, Sicilian variety, or made up of classic NYC folds. The pepperoni slices are excellent, as are the straight-up cheese, the mushroom, the spicy vodka, the sausage and peppers, and the Upside Down, for which they put the sauce on top, and the cheesy crust is extra crisp. And come summertime, if you're in the mood for something a little different, try Grossman's Sunny Goldstein, topped with sauce made from sweet sungold tomatoes. Three handy locations, too, with a fourth coming soon to Greenpoint.

Upside is located in Nolita, Hell's Kitchen, and Midtown -- Order Now


About two years ago Roman pizza legend Angelo Iezzi brought his airy squares to the Upper East Side with this blessedly unfancy slice spot on Second Avenue, Pizza Quadrata Romana, or PQR. We loved it then--the chewy, craggy crust is justifiably famous, and the toppings all unfailingly fresh--and on a recent revisit it was heartening to see that the pandemic hasn't slowed the place down even a little bit. In fact, in addition to the dozen or so types of freshly-made slices and pies immediately available, they've added hot heros and pasta dishes to the mix. And because these pies are so light and relatively low-carb, it's easy to order a bunch of different slices, uncork a bottle of PQR's Pinot Noir, and have a pizza tasting party in your home.

PQR is located at 1631 Second Avenue -- Order Now

Corner Slice in Hell's Kitchen

Some of the best pizza in NYC comes from an unlikely source: Ivan Orkin, the Jewish kid from Long Island who became a Japanese ramen master and, after conquering the noodle scene with his incomparable Ivan Ramen, opened this slice shop in 2017 over at Gotham West Market. Corner Slice, which is co-owned by chef Michael Bergmann, specializes in square pies and, as at many of today's new pizza places, the crust does much of the work here. It's basically like eating really great warm bread with melty things on top. The loaded-up pizzas are all delicious (Buffalo Chicken, Veggie Heaven, Spicy Salami, to name a few), but our all-time favorite slice here may be the simple Tomato, which is astonishingly bright and lively. There are also hero sandwiches available, like a meatball parm and a cheesesteak. And because, at its core, Corner Slice is a bakery, the desserts are far better here than at your average slice joint.

Corner Slice is located at 600 11th Avenue -- Order Now

Emmy Squared and Emily, in Williamsburg, UES, East Village, Clinton Hill and West Village

The original Emily in Clinton Hill has been around since 2014, and the pizza there remains first rate. For us, however, it's the amazing Detroit-style square pies at all three Emmy Squared's, and Emily West Village, that have made Emily and Matt Hyland true NYC pizza royalty. The topping-combos are thoughtful, inventive and balanced; the delightfully dense dough and various sauces are all made with care and skill; and the whole package is filled with love. The fiery Colony is rightfully famous, but the Big Ang (with ricotta, vodka sauce, banana peppers, and meatballs), and the Hot Chicken are also pretty amazing. Bonus: Excellent burgers, salads, and cheesy waffle fries, too.

Emmy Squared and Emily are in Williamsburg, UES, the East Village, Clinton Hill and the West Village -- Order Now

Di Fara in Midwood

The legendary Di Fara, which opened in 1964 near the Q train in Midwood, should be a part of every pizza-loving New Yorkers diet at least a few times a year. That used to be something of undertaking for those of us who don't reside on Avenue J, especially back when patriarch Dom DeMarco wouldn't let anyone help him as he fastidiously snipped each leaf of basil with a tiny pair of scissors while hordes of us hovered nearby, starving for a slice. With Grubhub, though, it's so much easier to get one of these three-cheese masterpieces, just click through, order, and dig into a true NYC icon.

Di Fatra is located at 1424 Avenue J -- Order Now

Brooklyn Pizza Crew in Crown Heights

One of those great NYC slice joints that's consistently better than you might expect from its generic trappings, Brooklyn Pizza Crew sells first-rate regular round pies—the Pepperoni is a particularly satisfying example of the classic NYC fold—but the real action here is in the Grandma square section. The thicker crust on these beauties achieves that sublime sponginess found in the best such slices in town, and the toppings are all first-rate, including some funky sopressata on the Calabrese, the slew of veggies (and dairy-free "mozzarella") on the Vegan, and the surprisingly not-blasphemous Apple and Bacon, which also features crushed walnuts and Gorgonzola. And don't forget, Grubhub makes it easy to stay cozy at home and support neighborhood mainstays like Brooklyn Pizza Crew, all winter long.

Brooklyn Pizza Crew is located at 758 Nostrand Avenue -- Order Now

Norm's Pizza in Downtown Brooklyn

Norm's is Noam Grossman's other excellent NYC slice-and-pie operation (see Upside, above), which for more than two years now has been feeding Downtown Brooklyn's lunchtime crowd and the grateful locals in all those new highrises and the stately old buildings of Brooklyn Heights. There's nothing too gimmicky at Norm's, just a full slate of straightforward classics--my favorites are the Vodka, the Margherita, and the loaded-up Supreme, which includes pepperoni, sausage, and hatch chilis--all of which are guaranteed to make you happy.

Norm's Pizza is located at 345 Adams Street -- Order Now

Santa Panza in Bushwick

Often overlooked amid the wealth of excellent pizza places in this part of Brooklyn, the friendly Santa Panza, located on Broadway under the elevated J/M/Z, makes one of our favorite personal-size Neapolitan-style pies in town. Get the Napoli with capers, kalamata olives, and anchovies, the Prosciutto e Funghi with parmacotto ham and cremini mushrooms, or the signature Santa Panza, starring mozzarella, some strong scamorza, crumbles of sweet sausage, and sage. The pasta, sides, and salads are all first-rate too, if that better suits your mood. Crack open a can or two of Santa Panza House Wine and it's almost like pre-pandemic times!

Santa Panza is located at 1079 Broadway -- Order Now

Unregular Pizza near Union Square

The origin story of Unregular Pizza is worth a recap: owner Gabriele Lamonaca, a native of Rome and a restaurant worker in NYC for the past 10 years, used his downtime during the first pandemic shutdown to make pizza... so much pizza that he started a barter-only business on Instagram, which turned into this funky little shop near Union Square. The pizza here is Roman-style, with square pies of medium-thick height, crisp but not crackery, chewy but not gooey, and boasting a fine balance between and among crust and toppings. Pick hits include the spicy Bufala Chicken, the vegetarian Unmushrooms, and the Meat Dream, with meatballs, pepperoni, and sausage. And, unique in NYC as far as we know, you can get a ball of creamy burrata plopped on top of any slice!

Unregular Pizza is located at 135 4th Avenue -- Order Now

Leo in Williamsburg

Two years ago the team behind the hugely popular Ops Pizza in Bushwick opened this terrific restaurant/counter-service spot on Havemeyer Street, serving, among other delights, a half-dozen or so varieties of their six-slice, 18" pizzas. Their Clam Pie is among the best in town, the San Giuseppe with spicy sausage is another winner, as is the Broccolini with banana peppers. Or throw a twist into our home pizza party and order one of Leo's square pies, like the Potato Squash beauty, or the lovely tomato-and-oregano Rossa.

Leo is located at 123 Havemeyer Street -- Order Now

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