With the weather warming up the collective mind of office drones across the city turns to one thing: how to ingest as much iced coffee as physically possible. Why else would Starbucks' have added its terrifying 31-ounce trenta cups? But those stomach-sized receptacles have nothing on the latest additions to the iced coffee fray. Growlers, anyone?

The Times notes that at least two spots (Nolita Mart and Espresso Bar, which brews a Stumptown house blend, and Birch Coffee, which brews a house blend from Coffee Labs Roasters) have started selling their cold-brew iced coffees in 64-ounce growlers. Because sometimes you just need that much iced joe, right? Like with beer growlers you pay a deposit for the bottles, but with iced coffee you don't have to worry about the nectar behind the brown glass going stale in a day.

And beer growlers aren't the only way you can mainline your iced java! 19 Charles, a recently launched private shopping service (basically they offer four meals a week, the ingredients and recipes for which they will deliver to your door), has started selling liter bottles of iced-coffee concentrate. Why concentrate? Because that way you can dilute it to taste. "The beauty of concentrate, is that you can personalize each individual serving. Everyone can make their cup exactly how they want it—strong, sweet, whatever," explains 19 Charles' coffee guy, Grady Laird. "The iced coffee you buy at Starbucks is already diluted to their taste...you can only make it weaker."

Like the iced coffee growlers, 19 Charles' concentrate is cold-brewed (in their case with chicory) and should stay fresh for up to a week. They charge $15 bucks for a liter (plus a $3 bottle deposit). Now to find someone who will sell us a growler of iced coffee concentrate...