Thank goodness the heat wave was broken by the storms, because now everyone can comfortably shop at this grocery store on Lee Avenue. Failed Messiah noted that the store's sign indicates a "strict dress code to prevent shoppers dressed for this summer's extreme heat from entering." Well, at least it's not just banning cargo shorts.

Lee Avenue is in the Satmar Hasidic section of Williamsburg. A 2009 NY Times article gave advice for a walking tour of the neighborhood: "Continue west on Keap Street, then turn right at Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum Place onto Lee Avenue. Take the first street on the left, Rodney Street, and halfway toward Bedford Avenue is the main synagogue for the Satmar sect, a yellowish brick building on the south side of the block. Women are not permitted in, and men from outside the community may be greeted with gruff questions: 'Excuse me, is there something wrong?'" Still, there's awesome babka at Oneg Heimishe Bakery at 188 Lee Avenue.