082908larvae.jpgFinish your lunch before reading further; Eater has received a nauseating email from a diner who found a little something extra in her bowl of grits at Tribeca's Kitchenette: "Halfway through my friend's grits, she noticed a worm on her spoon. When we combed through the bowl, however, we found that the entire portion was filled with worms and larvae. It was atrocious." Wait, it gets better – the server offered to bring them a new bowl of grits (which they declined) but still charged them! (Understandable; in some places they charge extra.) "We asked our server if there was anything that could be done. He said he would have to speak with his manager. When she came over, she said the following, 'Look, this is just what happens with grits or any bag of meal or oats. I eat this stuff all the time, and this is just what happens. It's not like it's going to kill you.'" Kitchenette: Not Killing Customers for 15 years! (Reached by phone, the manager said she had not heard about the incident.)