A former Grimaldi's employee probably hoped he'd never be found out for opening an illicit branch of the DUMBO pizzeria all the way in Shanghai. And maybe, maybe he would have gotten away with it, had he not A) used identical signage and menus, B) poached employees from the DUMBO location, and C) decided to open up in a city of nearly 24 million people, at least a couple of whom have probably been to Brooklyn.

According to the Post, former employee Joey Silvestri launched the illegal outpost sometime last year, along with fellow DUMBO businessman Marcelo Pevida and Jia Ju Tao.

Now Grimaldi's, whose owners are not strangers to drawn-out legal proceedings, are suing the trio for $25 million.

“In or about 2013, Defendants conspired to open a Pizzeria restaurant in Shanghai, China, that mimics the Grimaldi’s Pizzeria restaurants operating in the United States,” the suit reads.

Reached by Post reporters, Pevida said he had no idea what this is about, what Chinese Grimaldi's? Vera, can you believe what this reporter is saying here, etc. etc. Anyway, as stalwart Grimaldi's consumers, we can tell you it's not the real deal until you unearth your first metal shard.