Inspired by a Slice visit to Grimaldi's that tantalized us too much, Gothamist decided to head over the Brooklyn Bridge on a fine Friday afternoon (a while ago, yes) and wait along Old Fulton Street ourselves. The Grimaldi's menu (via Slice) gives more details about its history and name (formerly Patsy Grimaldi's, but still the same delicious coal brick oven pizza), so Gothamist decided to concentrate simply on the beauty of what it takes to make a Grimaldi's Pizzeria pizza.


First, you must toss the dough and spread it on the pizza peel.


Then fresh mozarella is placed on the dough, followed by whatever toppings you might choose (we picked mushrooms, sausage, and olives).


Then tomato sauce is drizzled over the toppings.


With fresh basil and a drizzle of olive oil (which was too quick for us to capture) that tops off the pizza, the pie is ready for the coal brick oven. And then you get a fabulous pie (like the one at top) to eat - Gothamist personally had four slices of pizza and we needed to walk back to Manhattan over the bridge to get out of the coma.

Grimaldi's Pizzeria is at 19 Old Fulton Street in Brooklyn, underneath the Brooklyn Bridge...and it was also featured on an episode of Law & Order.