You'll recall that back in August Grimaldi's landlord tried to evict the tourist-centric DUMBO pizzeria for falling $60,000 behind on rent. But a judge refused to enforce the eviction, and ordered the landlord to accept the late rent payments that owner Frank Ciolli insisted he'd been trying to give to the landlord (an old lady who lives in Florida named Dorothy Waxman). And now Ciolli wants payback, or something—the manager answering the phones over there couldn't care less.

The Post reports that he's suing Waxman and other unnamed companies for refusing to accept his late payments, and he alleges that Waxman is just "out to steal his coal-burning brick ovens." Not content with the Post's report, Grub Street rang up Grimaldi's and got an amusing response.

"Yeah, supposedly there might be a countersuit or whatever," said Grimaldi's manager Gina Peluso says. "Honestly, I don't really care... It doesn't affect business at all." As for Grimaldi's long-delayed Chelsea location in the Limelight Marketplace, Peluso promises it's just two weeks away.