The Grimaldi family was in house at a Community Board 2 meeting on Thursday night, laying down plans for a possible Manhattan gamechanger. The family and partner Matt Grogan pitched plans to open a 62-seat pizza joint at 352 Bowery (current home of NOHO Lighting & Electrical Supply). However, they might need to tweak a few things before we can enjoy the cheesy goodness on the island.

The board denied the group's request for a beer/wine license, predicting noise problems. And the team came up with no plan on how they'd deal with long lines clogging the street. But the board insisted their proposal was denied because the didn't find a licensed space, not because of any personal issues with Grimaldi's (or their rent issues). But we'll be waiting for the opening, hoping that Lady Gaga will show up in a dress made of pizza. [Via Eater]