Because the standard "by hand" method wasn't thrilling enough, soon bespoke grilled cheese sandwiches will flutter down from the sky with the aid of little parachutes. An Australian company called Jafflechutes has successfully funded a campaign to bring their airborne sandwiches to New York City following a trial run in Melbourne.

It's a simple concept: order a jaffle—which is what those funny folk down under call a grilled cheese sandwich—through Paypal, set up a delivery time, then wait on the X at the secret location and look up. The sandwiches are affixed to parachutes, which are then flung from a window and allowed to float into your open arms.

Sandwiches come in either cheese and tomato ($5) or cheese and ham ($6); thankfully they're not pouring hot tomato soup from the skies (yet). There's not set date for the air invasion, but keep track of the company on Facebook or Twitter for the announcement. In the meantime, sate yourself with some more grounded options.