2006_01_arts_grilled-cheese.jpgWe heard a rumor this morning that our favorite place to procure grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup and a nice game of Connect Four...has closed down. We just received final confirmation and, well, our world is shattered. Grilled Cheese NYC had to shut its doors due to a rent hike.

Grilled Cheese opened its doors there in June of 2000. On their site the GC team has left this note:

We had a great run here. The building was sold, the new rent is slightly outrageous. So we're moving on. It's a push in the right direction. We are scouting locations presently.

Likely some new crappy bar will open up in its place on Ludlow Street, and hopefully Grilled Cheese will find a new home - and fast! Until then, check out some grilled cheese recipes here.