The collective student body at NYU is about to have a major freakout: West Fourth Street cheap eats mecca Dojo is closing. Jeremiah's Vanishing New York gets another scoop from Ken at Greenwich Village Daily Photo, who got word that a rent increase—uuuuuuuugh—would push out the longtime restaurant at some point this summer.

The inexpensive, no-frills restaurant has been a favorite of NYU students—and frugal diners—since it opened in 1991, especially after the original sister location on St. Marks closed in 2007. The menu is kind of Japanese…but kind of not, with lots of options for both vegetarians and omnivores. They serve their burgers in pita pockets, a quirk that confused me at first but that I ultimately came to love. And there's no denying the carrot-ginger dressing—which the restaurant claims it made popular—makes even plain steamed veggies seem like not just rabbit food.

The location is prime real estate so it's not especially surprising that an eager landlord would want to capitalize on all the rich NYU kids. There's already a Duane Reade on the block and a Starbucks a block in the other direction so that leaves either bank, froyo depot or something equally boring. Sigh.