Interminable brunch waits are just the Way Things Are until people realize that day drinking and eating eggs in one's pajamas is a much more comfortable and constructive use of one's time. Until that day, lines, and one of the longest is at Greenpoint's Five Leaves, where they must be bruleeing that grapefruit with crack for the crowds that clog the corner waiting for a table. But sweet relief comes soon, friends, as the eatery has plans to expand into a former driving school next door.

The restaurant confirmed the move to Greenpointers, with co-owner Kathy Mecham unveiling plans for bigger and better everything, including the dining space, bar and kitchen area. "This also means we will also be able to up our catering so it's really exciting!" Okay yes but this also means more pancakes, right?

As of right now, there's no set time for the expansion to begin and the larger space to open; that space currently contains a pop-up gallery. LESS ART MORE PANCAKES!