Do community centers normally serve alcohol? Some of Greenpoint's Polish activists want to deny the Polish Slavic Center's application for a liquor license, saying people will get the "wrong message" if they start serving beer and wine at their cafeteria. Mark Wysocki tells the Post, "We cannot forget about the values that created our community. We cannot put profit from the sale of alcohol over the impact on our community's public health."

The cafeteria is already known for their big (and cheap) plates of pierogi and glasses of kompot, and PSC CEO Bozena Kaminski says the wine would just be part of the dining experience: "This is not a bar. The people complaining about it don't eat at the cafeteria and don't want to participate in our activities. I don't know why they even started this racket." However, adults in northwest Brooklyn are reportedly more likely to binge drink than all the other binge drinking adults in the city [pdf], and all without the PSC's help.