With this weekend's spring forward, we can begin to look towards Spring and all that it will do for the selection of products at the Greenmarket. Dreaming of shoots and early tender leaves does feel a little off, especially since the spring forward is three weeks early this year. One of our farmer pals, clearly feeling conspiratorial, even made the suggestion that our feeling off about this early time jump-up is only temporary. His "theory" is that as global warming accelerates, this shift will fit better with weather patterns and that the government will have pulled a fast on us by realigning our expectations of normal seasonality.

Back to reality, here are some shots of the market with lots of empty stalls where farmers normally clamor for space in the prime months and some shots of our wintertime selection staples.

Farmer / Lottery winner Rocco Migliorelli overseeing his apple stuffed stand.


A clean view of Barnes & Noble is just not possible during the Summer.


Here is where your ramps will be in a few weeks, Rick Bishop can not wait to see you.


On the plus side, first herbs of the season are here from Ted Blew.


Cut lamb and rolled wool is seeing the sunset on its time in the sun.