How haunted is your honey? It'd be totally reasonable if the question has never crossed your mind before. But if you're devoted to buying the most hyper-local honey humanly possible, you might have to start asking yourself that, because you'll be able to buy honey made at Green-Wood Cemetery starting in a couple of weeks according to the Brooklyn Paper. There's no word on whether you can get refunds if it starts moaning at you or turns out to be a psycho-reactive substance.

The honey business has grown out of Green-Wood's decision to welcome 120,000 bees to its grounds last April. While there was a charitable cause behind giving space to the bees (an attempt to fight colony collapse disorder), Green-Wood management also said the bees had to pay for themselves.

So in an attempt to do that, beekeepers there will begin selling honey they've called Sweet Hereafter. The honey, which you'll be able to buy plain and in flavors like mint and tangerine, will be sold by Green-Wood's 25th Street entrance in "two or three weeks" according to the Brooklyn Paper. Nicholas Cage could not be reached for comment.