Avocado theft is all the rage in California, leading the Times to call the authorities "guac cops." This look into the farming community has fantastic quotes like "When the Super Bowl comes, there is going to be thievery. People want guacamole." and makes us city folk wonder about the avocado black market. Avocado thieves usually do go to jail for their felonious ways, and Ventura County spares no expense in looking for them, with infrared goggles and heat detecting equipment in helicoptors that patrol avocado farms. But that doesn't mean farmers are sitting pretty: They plant cactuses around the farms to thwart thieves and keep watch with Rottweilers.

[Via callalillie, who also looks at the dark side of children's toys: HAZMAT Playmobil]

Some guacamole recipes on Epicurious. And Gothamist enjoys the guacamole at Rosa Mexicano as its made table/barside. Where is your favorite guacamole in the city?