Apparently Greek yogurt—the thicker, tangier cousin to, uh, American yogurt—is all the rage these days, with sales going up by a whopping 2500% over the past six years. Who's driving this dairy-fueled revolution? Why, rich East Coast women, of course!

NPR talks to a food analyst to get a handle on who's suddenly buying all this yogurt: "You know, sort of what I would envision to be the Starbucks crowd," he says. "It's a higher-educated, higher-income user that resides in the Northeast." And they're usually a member of the fairer sex, because women are attracted to the purported health benefits and air of cosmopolitanism that Greek yogurt holds over plebeian regular yogurt. Or, wait—no!— says The Atlantic— it's actually because Americans now want foods that are considered "purer, simpler, and more natural—not yogurts purporting to taste like key lime pie or strawberry cheesecake."

Of course, the real reason that Greek yogurt is suddenly so popular has nothing to do with any of the aforementioned social or economic reasons, and everything to do with this new commercial of sexy hunk of man meat John Stamos charming the ladies with Oikos: