Open wide for a mouthful of meat and an extremely long restaurant name. Merakia: The GreekMountainThief Spithouse + Steak, a new Greek steakhouse, debuted last week in the Flatiron, bringing with it spit-roasted animals aplenty in a sleek, railroad-style space on West 21st Street. Whole animals, including lambs and chickens, take a spin in "La Rotisserie," a giant oven powered by more modern techniques than those available when our ancient ancestors first discovered cooking by flame.

Lamb rump ($32), lamb chops ($42) and even the whole animal can be ordered (if reserved 72 hours in advance). Traditional American steakhouse fare including bone-in rib eyes ($58 for 20 ounces) and a petite filet ($34 for six ounces) round out the flesh selections.

Greek dips like tzatziki and kafteri (a spicy feta cheese offering), smaller appetizers including oven roasted mushrooms, and salads like the "Roca 'N' Roll" with arugula, chickpeas, beets and red onion round out the less meat-centric dishes. Vegetarians can be accommodated, but the menu features instructions requiring them to wear a green hat "at least during order." (This is apparently not a joke.)

Update: Owners of Merakia have opted to remove the requirement that vegetarian's wear hats. "If a Greek MountainThief ate nothing but vegetables and survived the tough climate and rugged terrain without hunting or stealing meat, the village elders would crown him or her victor with a wreath of green leaves," owners Andreas and Renee Typaldos told Gothamist. "We thought a green hat would be more fashionable, but we never intended to be taken seriously. So, we convinced our Greek MountainThieves to let us remove the statement."

The embedded menu below has been updated to reflect this change.

5 West 21st Street, 212-380-1950;

Merakia Final Menu [Updated] by Nell Casey on Scribd