Superfly is offering Extra Mooga customers a 100% refund, including those $17.71 handling fees. "We promised you a terrific Extra Mooga experience this past weekend and we didn’t deliver," the organizers write on their website. "We’re very sorry if we disappointed you." Roughly 4,000 people paid for the Extra Mooga experience over the weekend, so at $267.21 per ticket, they'll be paying over $1 million in refunds. No word on whether Superfly will pump the stomachs of David Chang, Aziz Ansari, James Murphy, and Ruth Reichl, and let us all watch.

Refund requests can be directed to and must be made within 30 days. In keeping with the time-honored tradition of segregating the Gifted from the Normals, Superfly created a special email address for Extra Mooga feedback:

Superfly wants to get it right because they intend to be back. Forever. Here's Superfly's statement on the future:

We will be working closely with the City and the Prospect Park Alliance about plans for GoogaMooga next year, as we hope to make this an annual event. We are incredibly passionate about the brand, the community being built around it, and producing a great festival that brings together so much creativity in one place.