You know what sucks about room service, besides the obscene prices? Too slow! There you are, waiting around in bed forever for someone to bring you everything you desire! But all that tedium will be a thing of the past at the new Grand Hyatt Market which just opened today. The New York Times reports that it's a "reinvention of room service," where guests can just grab things like salads, pastries and hot meals and go. You know, like

Hyatt managing director Matthew Adams told the Times, "This on-demand, I-want-it-now kind of customer that we’re dealing with doesn’t necessarily have the time to wait or wants to be able to self-select." Plus, the hotel can save money by not paying for a staff to deliver meals all the time. The Market will offer local snacks like Tisserie pastries and Manhattan Special soda (does anyone actually drink this?), and is open to the public. And surprisingly, the cups and packaging will not have the "Hyatt" name on them, making it feel more like an upscale deli than part of a hotel.

Of course, plenty of lower-scale hotels have been offering this kind of self service for years. “They have this kind of a thing where there will be a breakfast bar downstairs, and some of them may have snacks in the afternoon,” said associate dean at the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration Steve Carvell. The New York Grand Hyatt will be the first hotel featuring the Market, but if it goes well they'll expand it to other hotels around the country. “We wanted to build a product that we could deploy in Hyatts nationally and build a brand identity behind it,” said Mr. Adams. “Much as you start with any kind of prototype for a franchise idea, you build one, you work out the kinks and then you start replicating it.”