Yesterday, it was reported by many (including us) that the city's most popular restaurant, Gramercy Tavern, didn't do so well on their last Heath Department inspection. They scored 35 points for violations like live roaches and flies, which falls in to C grade territory. However, the restaurant wants to stress that they didn't actually receive a C grade, because (as we pointed out yesterday) they have not yet received a second inspection:

In response to recent news stories about the Department of Health Letter Grade System, we want to clarify some facts regarding the inspection process and also to correct some misleading information in the story regarding Gramercy Tavern. Gramercy Tavern's preliminary inspection, under the new DOH Letter Grade System, was conducted on December 8th, 2010. We have addressed and corrected each of the issues raised, and are now awaiting the secondary inspection, the results of which will determine our letter grade. While we were extremely disappointed with our preliminary inspection results, it is erroneous to report that the restaurant is now fighting a C grade, as it has not yet had its second inspection, and therefore has not received any letter grade. Our team has worked diligently to address any issues noted in the preliminary inspection, and we are confident that with recent adjustments made to our systems and procedures, we will not only meet, but exceed, the DOH requirements. Maintaining the cleanliness of Gramercy Tavern has been and will always be a top priority and nonnegotiable aspect of our business.

Spokeswoman Michelle Lehmann also clarified that grades are awarded from the points given after the second inspection, and given that Gramercy Tavern scored a 10 on their April inspection they should be able to get their score back up. But whether it's a final C or "Grade Pending," their last inspection still showed flies, live roaches and cold food items held at warmer temperatures. Which sounds like the scene in pretty much every restaurant kitchen in New York City.