grab_web.jpgGothamist has lavished many a paycheck on Pain d’Avignon and precious knobs of duck rillettes at Blue Apron’s south Park Slope location. So we were frantic when we noticed the butcher paper-lined windows signaling the specialty store’s demise. Answers, it turned out, were just a door knock away.

Former Blue Apron employee Laura Nuter will reopen the space (this week, she hopes) as Grab, a similarly fabulous specialty foods store. Nuter worked as a fromagier at cheese behemoth, Artisanal and later worked on developing inventory at Tribeca Grill before joining owners Ted Matern and Alan Palmer at their cherished foodie destination, Blue Apron in 2005.

Nuter assures us that the hand-picked quality we loved about Blue Apron won’t be lost at her shop. Look for items like Fra’Mani handcrafted salumi, Neals Yard Dairy selections like Montgomery’s Cheddar, Kirkham’s Lancashire and Colston Basset Stilton, and other such seductive vices. She plans on stocking the mythic Salchichón Ibérico, but is at the bottom of a long waiting list. She’s promised to call Gothamist the moment it arrives…we’ll let you know.

If any of that sounds unfamiliar, don’t fret. Nuter is focused on educating her customers and plans on offering samples a’plenty until she’s helped them find the perfect selection. She’ll also be staying open a bit later (until 8pm) to accommodate the late workers among us—good news for Gothamist; we’ve spent too many nights peering sadly through that locked glass door.

For those opposed to change, Blue Apron will continue to operate at the flagship location on Union Street. Hop to it, Nuter! Gothamist has a yen for Pyrenées Brebis!

438 7th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215