Brooklyn's outdoor drinking enthusiasts had quite a scare yesterday, after rumors began circulating online that Gowanus Yacht Club had quietly set sail for the dive-farm upstate. Thankfully, however, reports of GYC's death have been greatly exaggerated: the warm weather institution is merely dealing with some repairs, and will be opening its doors to us sweaty patrons in a matter of weeks.

An employee who answered the phone on Friday told Gothamist that the truckload of debris outside the Smith Street locale was connected to MTA work on the Carroll Street F/G subway entrance next to the restaurant. "Were just fixing the concrete of the floor because of the subway," the employee explained. An MTA spokesperson could not immediately provide further details, but that entrance is closed for renovation until June.

The club—and its $3 PBRs and greasy-burgers-on-paper-plates—will be returning for the season in "one or two weeks," according to the employee. Summer (or at least a very specific ideal of summer) is saved.

If there's a lesson to be learned here, it's what the collective freakout over the possibility of GYC's demise says about our city's dwindling options for sipping a cheap beer in the sun. In just the last few months, we've lost the Half King and Sidewalk Cafe—two of Manhattan's best patio options—as well as the Prospect Park-adjacent standby Hot Bird. North Brooklynites, meanwhile, are still feeling the loss of Nita Nita and Good Co.

As Gothamist Editorial Director Jen Carlson observed: "Look how hungry New Yorkers are for outdoor space. For a patio. For a suburban setting in the city, and only the rich can really have that, the rest of us have to cram into a fenced off sidewalk space."

For now at least, this fenced off sidewalk space remains ours for the cramming, and for that we are grateful.