The urban farming scene is really ramping up and Whole Foods is getting in on the action! The company announced today a partnership with Gotham Greens to build a new rooftop farm on top of their forthcoming Gowanus location. The partnership will produce the "nation's first commercial scale greenhouse farm integrated within a retail grocery space."

The 20,000 square foot farm would produce pesticide-free produce atop the grocer and would provide veggies not only for the Gowanus location but also for other Whole Foods throughout the city. The farm will also operate year-round and use efficient energy and water delivery systems, including an advanced irrigation system that uses 20 times less water than typical farms and lots of solar panels. GrubStreet got word that the farm will grow a variety of lettuces, herbs and other leafy greens like kale, plus tomatoes and other vegetables throughout the year.

Add this farm to the massive Brooklyn Grange and it's easy to see a future with farms on every roof! In some cases, that's probably better than growing anything in the ground.